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Chef Ramses II is in a bit of a pickle. A well-known food critic is about to visit one of his under-managed restaurants. Can you manage his chaotic kitchen and help him in completing orders before he gets bombarded with bad reviews?
  • Instead of escaping in 75-min time limit, you will be trying to serve as many dishes as possible and earn the most money you can before time is up.
  • Find food recipes and ingredients inside a hectic kitchen.

Midnight in Hong Kong [team vs team]

Hong Kong Crime Lord Mr. X is looking for an heir to his vast underground empire.Only two crime families were considered worthy of the prize, the Dragon and Tiger gangs. Which gang will win this intense head-to-head competition and become the new rulers of Hong Kong?
  • 6-12 of your friends split into two groups, the Dragon and Tiger gangs, and battle it out as rival mobsters in this epic escape room experience.
  • Each player will get unique roles and personal puzzles
  • 90 mins of thrilling puzzle warfare

Chaos in the Galleria

Following the theft of the world’s 5th largest diamond, two amateur thieves have enlisted you in helping them recover the stolen gem, which they left behind while making their escape through the famous Galleria Mall. Known for its variety of retail and leisure businesses, the Galleria Mall has become the only obstacle between you and a once-in-a-lifetime payday. Can your team rise to the occasion and escape with the diamond or will you be caught and tried as accomplices in what would be the greatest diamond heist in history? This is a 90 minutes experience.

The Apartment Nextdoor [PITCH BLACK]

Looking for a room to rent in the Bay Area? Tired of seeing those expensive apartments? Finally, you find a place that is perfect for you. You arrive and feel like there is something more to this apartment than you think. Do you leave or stay to “see” what the room has in store?
  • Majority of the gameplay happens in complete darkness. For ages 16 and up. Light horror experience.

Kingdom of Cat-tastrophy

The Kingdom of Cats needs your help once again! The rightful heir, Lady Aurora, has been captured, leaving us in turmoil. Clans from all over the land are battling each other for the throne and our cat kind are frightened for their nine lives! We’re desperately seeking outside help from you smart humans to restore the peace and unity to the kingdom. Whose side will you be on?


An archaeologist and their mentor are planning to venture into a cursed temple that no one else has stepped foot in for the last thousand years. Tempted by the secrets within, the mentor took off on his own but still hasn’t returned after a couple of days. The archaeologist, too scared of the evil spirit that lurks within, recruits your group to find their mentor and cleanse the Forsaken Temple. This is a 90 minutes experience.
  • Parts of the gameplay contain flashing lights and may trigger seizures for people with epilepsy.
  • Parts of the gameplay contain possible climbing and crawling.


Help the government explore the retro-futuristic world of Robotopia. Dr. Sarah Cube, the creator of the first sentient AI, has kept it hidden from the public for several decades. Can your investigation unit uncover the secrets of Robotopia and discover advanced AI technology that would greatly benefit mankind?
  • This is a 120 minutes experience.


A dark curse surrounds Haruka High School after the mysterious death of one of its students. As you dig deeper, you find out that there is something more sinister lurking behind this tragedy than it seems. Can you unravel the truth and lift the curse before your time runs out.
  • For ages 16 and up
  • Parts of the gameplay contains flashing lights and may trigger seizures for people with epilepsy
  • Parts of the gameplay contains climbing
  • Content warning: themes of suicide and disturbing imagery
60-90 Minutes to escape
4 Game themes
16000 Sq Ft Venue
50000 People played